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Mahu: A Mahu Investigation (Mahu Investigations Book 1)

 Author: Neil S Plakcy ,  Category: Police Procedural  Publisher: Samwise Books  Published: 27 Dec, 2018  ISBN: 979-8455286889  Get the book

Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa’aka has a great job, protecting and serving the people of O’ahu from a community policing outpost right on the beach at Waikiki. He can surf at first light, and then be at his desk within minutes.

But when he finds a dead body in the alley behind a gay bar, and then does not identify himself as a police officer when he calls it in, his whole world blows up.

This decision, made in a fateful moment fueled by adrenaline, turns his life upside down, threatens to rip his family apart, and forever alters his entire department. By the action-packed ending, every single character has been changed in ways they’d never have imagined, long-held beliefs about loyalties, family, and who the good guys are replaced by new experience. Watching the characters unwrap each new package of life is half the fun (although the Honolulu setting’s right up there).

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